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A repeat loop cycles through a list of commands again and again till done.

What is the repeat loop?

The repeat loop contains an expression that controls how many times the loop cycles. This is simply a number in our example here. A repeat loop also contains a body. The body is the list of computer commands that will be repeated.

Where is the repeat loop body?

In our simple example the body has but one command, a print command. The body could contain a much longer list of commands to be repeated.

How does the repeat loop work?

Once started, the body of the repeat loop cycles as many times as the value of the expression after the repeat command.

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Our repeat loop runs for a predetermined number of cycles. Once started, it will go through all of its cycles. There is nothing you can do in the loop's body to make it quit early or run a few more cycles. One of the loop structures found in the computer language LOGO works a lot like this.

There are many other types of loops in computer languages. Some types rely on the repeated evaluation of a Boolean expression to decide if they should run one more cycle or not. Those types might run a few cycles, or many, or maybe none.


Here's the flowchart for this repeat loop demo:


Imaginary computer code for this demo:



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