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Patterned lines

This demo draws a group of vertical lines.

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Here's a diagram showing how this program works:


This is why the line segments are vertical:

Whatever x may equal, both endpoints have that same value for their x-coordinate:


Notice that in this demo the endpoints for each vertical line segment have the same x-coordinate. That's what makes the line segments vertical. If the segments were horizontal, each endpoint would have the same y-coordinate.

Try changing the y-coordinates in the line command to make the line segments shorter or longer.

In the first line of the demo try changing the starting x-coordinate to move the pattern to the right or left.

Within the body of the repeat loop try changing the value that is added to the x-coordinate to change the spacing between the line segments.

Can you make the line segments be drawn right to left, instead of left to right?


Flow chart:


Imaginary code for this demo:

    x = -5;
      line(x, 5, x, -5);
      x = x + 1;


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