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Patterned points

This design is a rectangular matrix of points. We will be using two repeat loops here. One loop will be nested within the other. The inner loop will draw several points in a column plotting them from top to bottom. The outer loop will draw several columns of points moving the location of the columns across the graph from left to right.

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Here's how this demo works:


In this demo we use nested repeat loops. We will plot a column of points vertically down the graph and then move right a bit and plot another column of points. We will keep plotting columns of points till our design is done.

The very first thing in the program that happens is to set the x-coordinate to its starting position.

The outer loop then sets the y-coordinate to the top of the pattern. Then the inner loop takes over. It plots a point and then moves the y-coordinate downward so that then next cycle of the inner loop plots a point below the one last plotted.

After the inner loop is done with a column of points, we finish the outer loop by moving the x-coordinate over to the right. This makes the next cycle of the outer loop create a column of points to the right of the last column.


The flowchart for this demo looks like this:


Here is what some imaginary code for this demo might look like:

    x = -5;
      y = 5;
        point(x, y);
        y = y + (-1);
      x = x + 1;


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