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Plotting a point

We will plot points on our graph using x- and y-coordinates. Run the demo below several times. Each time change the values of the x- and y-coordinates to notice how you could use such a command to plot anywhere on the graph.

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Click 'Run' to go.

Here are some examples of (x, y) coordinate pairs and the points they reference:


In our computer language demos the command point is used to plot (x, y) points. This command is followed by two expressions separated by a comma. The first expression, a simple number in our case here, is the value of the x-coordinate. The second expression, again a simple number, is the value of the y-coordinate. The point command looks like this:

In the picture below we see that when we plot the point (6, 4) a small dot appears 6 units to the right of the origin and 4 units up from the origin. This is exactly what should be expected.


Here is our simple flowchart for this demo:


The imaginary code for this program:

    point(6, 4);


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