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Random points

We will combine the math of finding a random number over a range with a repeat loop to plot random points. Be sure you understand these two articles:

Run the demo below. More information is below the demo.

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Here is a basic description of how this program works:

  • Set the value for the variable min. This is the value for the minimum x- or y-coordinate.
  • Set the value for the variable max. This is the value for the maximum x- or y-coordinate.
  • Do the following steps 10 times:
    • Calculate a random x-coordinate between min and max. Set the variable x to this value.
    • Calculate a random y-coordinate between min and max. Set the variable y to this value.
    • Plot a point at (x, y).


Following is a flow chart for this program:


Here is how the program could look when it is typed out in an imaginary computer language:

    min = -10;
    max = 10;
      x = min + rnd() * (max - min);
      y = min + rnd() * (max - min);
      point(x, y);


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