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When you use turtle graphics, you are pretending that you are directing a little drawing robot. This type of graphics was made popular with the computer language called LOGO. The drawing robot is called a turtle because the original drawing robot looked a bit like one.

Here's some links to the basics and some designs that will get you started with turtle graphics. More information is below the links.

Imagine a small, invisible turtle at the origin facing directly right. Imagine that the turtle has a pen with which it draws. The turtle draws on the graph with this pen as it moves along. So, by commanding the turtle to move so far in a certain direction you can draw a line of a certain length and slant.


The computer language LOGO has a drawing method called turtle graphics.

Originally developed at MIT, the first drawing turtle was an actual mechanical robot that moved about the floor under the direction of a computer program. The robot would drag a pen and draw a line as it moved along.

The robot looked like a turtle. So that is why it is called turtle graphics.

Computer languages other than LOGO can implement a set of turtle graphics drawing commands. Here at EZ Programing Demos we imagine an invisible drawing robot with a pen. It moves about our (x, y) plane and leaves a trailing line as it travels.

We will demonstrate a basic set of turtle graphics commands.


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