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About printing....

Below are several articles about printing using a computer language. The Basics cover how to print on one or several lines and how to print text and variable values. More information below.

Consider the large white rectangle to the right in the programing demo to be your printer. All printed output made by your program appears here.

    Printing location


In this section please understand that we are going to look at printing from a few angles.

One thing to see is what happens immediately after you print something. Does the printer stay on the same line or does it move down to the next line? That is, does the next thing that you print stay on the same line as your previous printing, or does the next thing that you print appear on the next line down from your previous printing? These behaviors show the difference between the command print and printLine.

We will also look at the difference between printing text exactly as it appears between quotes and printing the numerical value of a symbol such as a variable.


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