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About math operations....

As with most computer languages, here we are going to look at math expressions using what is called infix notation. This is the common way of stating math operations. With this method, you place what is called the operator between the operands. For example, if we want to add 2 and 3, then we state:

    2 + 3

Note that the operator, the addition sign, is place between the operands, the numbers 2 and 3. This is common infix notation.

There is also prefix notation for mathematics. The operator comes first. The language Lisp works this way. Adding 2 and 3 looks like this:

    + 2 3

Postfix is hardly common, though a computer language named FORTH uses it. Postfix looks like this:

    2 3 +

Again, we are doing infix notation at EZ Programing Demos.


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