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Slow motion, step by step, animated demonstrations of basic computer programing techniques

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About EZ Programing Demos

In as simple of terms as possible EZ Programing Demos endeavors to ease the learning curve for understanding the necessary computer language fundamentals that you use when you explore mathematics with a computer. Also, it serves as a starting point for understanding a few topics in computer programing in general.

EZ Programing Demos is connected with other sites by the same author, Zona Land Education and EZ Math Movie, and it acts as a backdrop reference for many of the programing based presentations at those sites.

For example, someone might be reading about linear functions in Zona Land Education and notice that the app on that page actually can be programmed. You don't have to tinker with or examine the app's program to use it, but if you want to, you can. The programing language for the app is explained at EZ Math Movie.

If you have no experience in programing, the language at EZ Math Movie might be confusing at first. This site, EZ Programing Demos, is meant to help with that. It provides animated, interactive, and diagram-like programing language demonstrations that will hopefully shed light on some of the basic ideas necessary to understand the programing code at sites like Zona Land Education and EZ Math Movie.

So, you may find yourself hopping among these sites.


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There is a main navigation menu at the top of the each page. It is the only gray panel on the page. This menu has several tabs for selecting a current topic. Selecting a tab will display a list of sections within the current topic.


Selecting a section will take you to a general introduction article for that section and to a list of specific articles within that section. You will have to scroll down the page to read any article.


You may want to read the site like a book, or go through the material along a suggested logical path. Use the links at the end of each article for this.


When there is a connection for the current article to material at EZ Math Movie or Zona Land Education, you will see a link directing you there near the bottom of the article.


So, basically you can get to anywhere from the top main menu, and you can also at any time follow a path that has its links near the end of each article.


If you click a link that changes the current article, the background image for the site changes.


How to run the demos:

That's on the Home page. Click here for the Home page.


The programing language:

The language used here is very generic and very simple. It's quite a bit more like an animated programing diagram than a typed text-based language. Hopefully it will clearly show what types of routines would be necessary to begin programing computers. Concepts are presented here. This is not a true programing environment, as is found at EZ Math Movie. It is interactive, though, and you are encouraged to alter the code using its obvious widgets, as that can help you see how things work.

Near the end of most of the articles you will see a note headed with a phrase describing what follows as imaginary code. A lot of true computer code looks something like this imaginary code, and a lot does not. It's there for you to see a very normal way that these concepts could be expressed in a typed text-based language.


EZ Math Movie is a site that can help you experiment with and understand many topics in mathematics. Its main feature is an interactive animated (x, y) graph that you control with an actual programing language. There are many examples and tutorials, and EZ Math Movie is crossed referenced with both EZ Programing Demos and Zona Land Education.


Zona Land Education is a site with explanations and interactive diagrams covering many topics in physics and mathematics. Zona Land Education is cross referenced with EZ Math Movie, and it contains several animations that use EZ Math Movie's programing language.