EZ Programing Demos

Slow motion, step by step, animated demonstrations of basic computer programing techniques

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Requirements for EZ Programing Demos

There are not too many requirements to use EZ Programing Demos. Just about any computer, tablet, or phone should run the programing environment and videos.

The programing environment requires no plugin. The videos are coded HTML5 with Flash fall back for older desktop systems. All should work fine in any modern browser (2012).

EZ Math Movie is a site that can help you experiment with and understand many topics in mathematics. Its main feature is an interactive animated (x, y) graph that you control with an actual programing language. There are many examples and tutorials, and EZ Math Movie is crossed referenced with both EZ Programing Demos and Zona Land Education.


Zona Land Education is a site with explanations and interactive diagrams covering many topics in physics and mathematics. Zona Land Education is cross referenced with EZ Math Movie, and it contains several animations that use EZ Math Movie's programing language.